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trying to find more dangerious toys for pentesting.

Been trying to fodder up a good repo of scripts.



primusrun wine

via Installing RIFT via Wine in Linux..

hmm only to get  Sabayon Linux to behave…….

Everquest , FFXIV , FFXI and Eq2 , Landmark…..

instead of the dual boot ,  i can do background compiles

and still have fun….

Mohammad Azimi


I saw a post this morning showing you can run Windows applications from a virtual Windows install on your Linux Desktop. Although this may seem like it’s not that big of a deal, anyone who virtualizes another OS such as Windows from within VMware knows it can sometimes be a hassle to switch between your Linux desktop and the Windows one since you only have access to application windows within each OS and your Guest OS is limited to running within the VMware window. The advantage of integrating the guest OS into your existing desktop allows you to easily switch between different applications and use applications side by side regardless of what OS they are on. As you can see in the pic above (click to enlarge), this method gives you access to the StartMenu from your Linux desktop as well as placing guest OS applications in the…

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Answer by Amanda DeVary:

Try Duck Pin bowling in Fountain Square! If you like art or wine, check out the IDADA First Friday tour of local art galleries (a lot of them include free drinks). 100 acres at the Indianapolis Museum of Art is unique and a great way to get fresh air. If you like boutiques or want something delicious to eat, head northeast to Broad Ripple and check out 1001-Midwest food with a flare and all of the adorable shops.

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Michael Robert Lawrence

Car is a Mess , 11,500 Lemon …. Great to inherit it , fuel pumps 2200 dollars Including tow home , critters ate the wiring @ Mid Rivers Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc. they also said my car was running which was also a lie. In fact the engine parts were boxed up in my seats. Local dealership Appraises my car to be at the moment worthless , and 3500 more to get it running to do more diagnostic work , just to see if repairs are done correctly . I’m so upset in this case that Camp Atterbury seems like a nice place to take that car , and let the helicopter gunships put her down , and out of her misery . Worse yet I was Lent money to get this POS home from the State of Mo-Miserably
Any one living In Missouri IE St. Louis I’d not use Midrivers CJD for nothing. When this car when down it costed me my job , I need a job
Rock——–>>ME <<<<<<-Hard place ,
Cant a Grad student get a Break , so far Most places wont even give me a generic temp job hear in Indy , thou shalt work your field (even if no one is hieing) I've just had a royally crappy day.

Time to call out the BBB and The Indiana State Attorney Generals Office. and a lawyer Mid Rivers Chrysler Jeep Dodge, Inc. is deplorable in repairs.

Hears the Sub-page Link.current-resume

Help Desk
as Being mainly the only offering with almost a Masters Degree , theirs mainly Call Center work.
however the non Glued to the phone positions with Desk-side support I can Hang with 
the Last Call Center Was getting me Kinda Dreary trapped behind a desk , After 13 years in IT , I’m more to the point I like face to Face interaction , Mixed duties and I’m far better than just entry level work on offer but have to often try to re-stomach it 
So Since I have experiance On my own time I’m doing consulting work to make up for the bleak IT outlook that is In Indianapolis , IN as the recession squeezes harder. 
For Seimans , they call it helpdesk , its really more of an entry level Active directory Administration job along with ticketing etc ,  perhaps some deskside support and trouble calls. 
or with the City of Indianapolis , In for actual feild work , 
or an offer from the Indiana BMV , for feild work as well ,
Contracts up for grabs makes me antsy , however I look forward to getting a few side contracts of my own.
Lampooning helpdesk jobs , I’ll take them if I have too , I just can’a stand them with a phone glued to my head and 5 calls per second , I’d rather work desk-side support really 
I can fix the problem myself , instead of just ticketing and letting it fester.
 is finally migrated over to Google Apps , however little time to rest on my Laurels as much house keeping and
 Improvements are  is still needed. 

It is a Vast improvement to things and will hopefully help me Capture a better Client  base 
by Fixing up my Personal website , linked to my Small Business site. 


but the only thing of annoyance with Google apps Free , as my personal Site space only needs a few things is 
Lack of Picasa-web which is useful for site images and or common image sharing and make making adds easier and 

Blogger custom domains  with a Sub-domain option ie blog then “My-Domain” .com , net etc. 

wish list would Include adding Blogger to Free as well as Picasa as uploading images logs and etc via picasa tool is 
painless , and often very much faster , however as for my site or picasa web I have doubts of using terribly much space , just a few pica
and other things to help Evangelize my Websites or logos and typical images on a website or logos etc. 

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