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Monthly Archives: December 2002

As the Water Twines the Wheels

My hands flow as the water. Your Breasts drip to my touch.

Your hair Cascades through my hands.

Your touch sends ripples about me.

I careess your wheels, your body flows in my hands.

Your kiss rushes emotions through me like rapids.

We roll in the water like wheels.

I caress your shoals, my nose flows toward your lilies,

My tongue caresses your blossoms.

Your lilies smell sweet; your blossoms warm in sunlight.

I feel this well, my sweet Lady; you shutter and quake with my gentile caressing.

I see waves of delightment surge about you.

I see you shimmer like sunlight dancing about on water.

Oh your soul glows bright, rapids about us both, ebbing and surging.

Her fingers Scour my Shoulders and back as the water fall scours the rocks.

She rolls me asunder, with flowing passions and flows about me.

The torrent becomes yet one within us.

Our touches flow like water.

We comfort each other, embraced and twined.

Currents of emotion and passions flow yet freely.

Our affections rush, surge and crash like raging waters, a waterfall’s torrent.

Her kiss is like sunlight on dancing mist and like warming rain, and as electrifying as the storm in your heart.

Astride me, none other shall be, for I love none but thee.

Thirst only for thee, your love is like water for I would wither without you love.

I welcome you storms of passion.

Flow always into my arms for my love shall always flow for Thee.

© Michael R. Lawrence Dec 2000-2002

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