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Monthly Archives: April 2004

                                              Lake SideSonata


                                              We walk hand in hand on the path, in themoonlight, to the lake shore
to the shore side of thelake.

Resting by the warmglow of the firelight . The light of the moonlight on the water
shines in Her eyes. Her loving Gaze pulls me toward her.
Our passion ignites , I caress her warmly , she embraces me strongly.
We combust by fires light, passions ablaze.
The breze from the lake fans passion’s flames.
The Roar of the fire is crackiling like chior hyms, and I and myBeloved let our own voices join the nights song.
Kissing and Careesing , being and making love. Loves flames within uswont burn away.
Our warm turns by fires light shall burn through till dawn.  Hold Me Close and tight My sweet Ladie and don’t let go.
Listen to Loves Hym beat in my chest, as I to yours.    Romances sweet wind of wild roses and lilacs and honeysuckle blow overthe lakes foggy embrace.          Themoons seems brighter as do the stars, wich shie so clearly in MyBeloveds eyes.
Our Lovesong hym by the lake side, our relaxing sonata. Our own LakeSide Sonata.
Lake Side Sonata Category: Writing and Poetry

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