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A Midnight row by moonlight.

Moonlight dawns, over lake, torches alight the pier.

On Lake we row, bough of roses, upon the bow & decking, within is my question.


Soft Music Stirs, fireflies

, stir starlight, moonlight dances on the waters silvery black skin.

Mid-lake Oars be stowed, on bended knee, is question, I dare state, but as I try to ask,

shines in my eyes as plainly as starlight, she sees in mine eyes.


She Forces me to the deck with a cheery grin and a giggle, holding me to the deck,

like a lioness with her paw,

takes a whiff of the bough and sets it back to the front of the bow.

She begins to prowl, she begins to devour me with kisses, with moonlight on her face,

hair thrown back,

she grabs the gunwales with her hand and Release of Dress with her other hand.


Her dress Falls slowly unto the deck, like falling dogwood petals.





her blouse,


her smooth skin and breasts aglow,


Starlight, moonlight gleam in her jeweled eyes.

She cleaves my vestments from me,

grabbing the gunwales; she takes me, astride me.

Warm breeze floats by,

her perfume mixes with the sent of blossoms on the breeze.

She whispers you have your answer give thee mine. I pull her closer,

twined embrace, kisses fall like petals of roses,

upon each other emotions stir.

Bliss flows like the nights gentle breeze we row on,

Two hearts beating like wild drums, in warming embrace.

We drift upon the lake, lapping waters soft soothing sound,

her hair drapes over my shoulder,

Bliss flows & flows like this night’s gentle breeze,

her love comes over me like blissful dreams,

sleep begins to take hold she atop me like a soothing blanket, sleep takes us.

Dreams fall like spring blossoms, row, row,
 go the dreams, time is the stream.

Will you wife to be with so said promise, life anew within,

be in my arms when I wake up someday,
 for this is similarly how I would ask.


I have yet to meet you, to know you, behold you,

But when I do ; you shall know now , that when I do ,
this is where I see us on Many dream filled nights.

Will you someday be in my arms, the three of us,
 in dreams we three meet.

I, My fair Betrothed and the new life I sense within her,
in sweet dreams we meet.

You will know how my hear longs for you,
 Introduce yourself to me and don’t let go.

For you will have to lead me unto your dreams as well.


For you will have to lead me unto your dreams as well.

For my misses, now you see what my heart will give to thee.

For now we meet in dreamscapes, May God and Goddess lead you unto my beating heart.



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