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Rusted Blade


I feel as Rusted as Sword in A Stone slab Corrupted by Rust and Tarnish.

O’ yeah Battles once fought,

O’ The glory once sought,

but alas Proudly displayed.

I have succumbed to the ravages of neglect and disuse

How shamed and gloomed aside

O’ How I long for more challenge,

The luster and polished sheen of respect and honor

I wish circumstance would shatter my binds,


Carry me to battles & challenges anew.

O’ glory be mine again!

O’ Stone to my Steal Sharpen me,

Oh polish to my hilt.

Soldier’s soul bound to this steel blade.

My Gods Set Me Free, Or Send Me to Some USE! ;

Not this idle rusting torture!

Problems feaster and cannot be cut down.


My Steal bound to stone like a corrupting Excalibur.


None to hold me proudly carry me unto battle.


Frustrating build like a rust, patience and longing disintegrate such as rusted dusts .


Being bound by circumstance are you too?, with steely wills ,

You must hold your own selves aloft.


My Will be shattering to all rust, my will begins to crack my binds


From stone, my lust for challenge Polish my steal ‘n hilt.


For soon nothing be in my way, new battles blood soaked unto my steel,


VAY! VICTUS!!!!! Woe be to the


O’ Vanquished be whom get in my way.



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