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Monthly Archives: November 2008

  My Eyes Only Can See You


By Michael R “”Lonewolf Lawrence


I see other women enough to avoid them, so I don’t crash into them in the streets. .

And to be courteous but I’m blind to them otherwise. I don’t see them if they aren’t close enough to bump into me, I see them with peripheral vision; my heart And Eyes are blind to them otherwise.

My Eyes Only Can See You.

My Eyes do not stray From you , my gaze can not waver , my eyes are locked on yours with gazed and obsessive  affixment, my eyes  only see you .

You shine the darkness Away I see no more empty darkness.

My Heart Sees Only you its gaze, is affixed firmly, For It has Herd the call of its mistress, More so It has herd its masters call. My heart wants to swear undying Fealty, and Utmost Devotion.  I feel compelled to fly to your side, and never stray, I want to never leave, my heart flutters at the sound of your voice. My dreams know your voice It is Celestial to my ears, it is a song that calls to me, summons me.

My Eyes Only Can See You.

My Fist beloved Died long ago, she loved me to her last breath, but alas it was not to be, If she still knew life She would be intently jealous of ye. For my heart is alight and consumed by ye.

, I have known others; bought their final gift to me was heartache and torment and pain like none I have never felt. Pain that drives you to beg For them whilst they just laugh or mock or cower from you whilst you, beg to take them back on your knees in tears,

They Like a coward they only Geer and Mock you back, whilst you bear your Soul to them.

My Eyes Only Can See You.

But were are you my Celestial Beauty , were are You My Hearts Salvation , my love so true, for so long I have sought you , sought to be at your side. For now you a dream that gives me hope, but my heart aches to server at you side. Grow lives intertwined.

My Dreams hold you in mind they see you, my eyes gaze forward, I am compelled to give you my heart, and soul, My life.

 I feel driven to fall upon my knees, in your Beloved service and Only yield to Ye. You have my eyes they will not stray, even if old and grey, My eyes will not falter if you suffer disfigurement, Gain weight from bearing me sons and daughters. For I will see you as Your are, and in my eyes your beauty will be seen eternal and never dull in passing time , and the visage of real beauty and the beloved whom no matter what whilst be at each others sides. My Eyes are only yours, I only see you, your smile your eyes gazing into mine.

My Eyes Only Can See You.


Were Are You My Celestial Beauty, My heart Sees you like a shimmering mirage coming toward me. Have I met you before in passing?

My Eyes Only Can See You.

When I Meet you again , this time outside dream , and my eyes cross yours , the room will grow dark and obscurer all but you your light will gleam in the darkness , my heart will flutter and fly, I whilst be compelled to follow you to the ends of the earth

For you heart calls me to your side, my heart cries out to serve, longs for your love, I have longed to love you like no other has. Are you my Dream of a my perfect woman , so pure , so beautifully divine, So celestial light that the stars in the far corners glower with jealousy ,

My Eyes Only Can See You


My Dream of you has called to me since long ago , far and wide have I searched far and wide for and long you , since my time began , Are you just my dreams or are you quite very real?

My Eyes Only Can See You


My heart begs you are real , so I can be with you , know you , Be your Best  friend, to the end , be your , a shoulder to cry on, be your light as well , be in your heart strongly as mine. love you beyond my dying Breath.

My Eyes Only Can See You


Miss you every day till were home in each others arms, Be true to you and see none other, teach young ones about real love, hold your hand always. I will not complain, when you ever wake me with cravings in the twilight hours, if ever with child.

My Eyes Only Can See You


I whilst stand in front of you as a shield and guard you from harm to my last breath, For you are to lovely to come to harm.

My Eyes Only Can See You


You deserved to be treasured whilst I lay my gaze upon Ye. You deserve my gaze and devotion above any other, My oath of Fealty. Never should you to know loneliness ever again. Walk hand in hand till the ends of time.

You whilst Have my heart, my Soul at your hearts command.


I want to take care, and do as thou whilst of Me., be obedient to serve because my heart compels me to, Grow in Friendship and love, my heart is being pulled to ye

It cannot be stopped , it can not be helped as my eyes gaze is you way , first embrace I whilst not wish to leave even if I must.


To my Future Beloved;   Once my gaze is upon yours

 My Eyes Only Can See You , and their they shall  remain..

Long have I prayed to meat you and treasure you in my eyes, very much in my heart, In my soul.

 © Copywrite Michael R. Lawrence 2008
to My beloved Rebecca

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