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Midnight Walk in your arms.


You rouse me from soft, light slumber, children of friends and family, and others dot the area in other tents, our little one lies fast a’ slumber. You have been restless in beauty, love, and desirer; unable to fall to sleep, the beauty of the land and the peaceful quiet stirs your warm heart.

You lead me with a blanket down a secluded path , you lie us down in the grasses , your heart is ablaze I see you in moon light , stars shine off your eyes , we are alone but to each other , only the owls whilst hear us. Alone together, you lie me back gracefully, my shirt now opened, you un-furrow your top , your blossoms open to caress and kiss , you skirt freely opened and on me I surrender to you astride me , Your beauty flows over me , my heart races my lips swell , with passions , my heart is sweep in your passions kiss,  bliss I giveth  you , and you me.

I could stroll in your arms such as this for all eternity, but for tonight I enjoy being two souls as close as they can be, making love to you in your arms, and being in your loving embrace.


Passion feeds desire , you roll me onto you and I take lead this walk , hands intertwined , twined embrace , you spur me on , you kiss me hard and passionately and fall to the ground with a    hastily softened whimper , stifling ecstasy’s cry for our ears only , making love too you in your are as we are is this nights great gift , you regain your breath and roll back astride me , I have felt my bliss along with your own , and this time I’m having troubles as to not cry out , you stifle me with a deep kiss , and I you , so the forest keeps our secret of love making , love passions and lust a secret known only to us and  to its trees and leaves.


I could be like this in your arms and great the dawn we continue being like this, husband and wife slipped a way in the woods, we know more bliss but before we fall to slumber help each other back into our clothing, then saunter embraced kissing and touching back to our tent to our bed we lay down embraced kissing deeply till we go to slumber, we go to dreams in each others arms , our love being no secret , we fall to slumber dreaming of more sacred and special times as these.

© copywrite Michael R. Lawrence 2008


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  1. © copywrite Michael R. Lawrence 2002-2012

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